A virtual hard drive in the cloud


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OpenDrive is an application that enables you to store files in the cloud for easy sharing and synchronizing between computers. You'll be able to open, modify, and save files from any computer with total confidence and security.

Once you've installed the application on your computer, a virtual hard drive will appear in 'My Computer'. From there, you can comfortably manage your information, just like you would with any normal folder on your machine.

The multimedia files that you've uploaded to the cloud can be played just like a file stored on your hard drive. That means that you can listen to music, watch movies, read files, or view images without having to download anything.

The basic (free) plan allows you to store up to 5GB of files, which is enough for documents and photos, but won't last you long if you're considering uploading movies or video games.

OpenDrive is a comprehensive cloud storage tool that allows you to synchronize files and access them from anywhere in the world.
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